If you are planning to improve the flooring in your home by adding timber, then you need to understand more about this material, and how it needs to be worked in order to ensure that it is perfect. For anyone looking to fit high quality timber flooring in their Gold Coast homes, it is important that you learn exactly what to expect with this wood. Find out today what you should be looking forward to with advice from The Flooring Depot.

You need to choose the best wood

There are a large variety of different hardwood types, and the option that you choose needs to fit your floor as closely as possible. You may want to decide between solid hardwood, which has a distinct grain pattern, or engineered hardwood, which is constructed using narrower layers. In just one example, the type of subfloor that you have will require different thicknesses of hardwood to ensure that the floorboards remain in place.

Your wood must be acclimatised

In order to make sure that the wood does not move too much once it is in place, you need to let it acclimatise to your building prior to laying it down. Letting the wood acclimatise once it arrives from The Flooring Depot minimises damage to the wood, and as long as you leave it in a dry room some distance from heaters and radiators.

Your subfloor needs to be prepared

If you want to make sure that your wood is in good condition once it is laid, you have to ensure that your subfloor is properly prepared. This involves making sure that it is flat and level, that it has a suitable moisture content of below 6%, and that the floor is completely clean and free of debris, adhesives or any old chemicals.

You have to have the right equipment

Regardless of whether you are laying a floor or performing any other type of DIY task, you need to have the correct equipment. For example, you might need to have underlay in order to protect your subfloor, glue for any joints, and even nails.

Finding the right flooring

If you are looking for the perfect timber flooring for your Gold Coast home, then you need to speak to The Flooring Depot as soon as possible. We are here to help you find the perfect timber for your flooring needs, so contact us online or by calling 07-5535-0011 now.

What Are The Benefits of Timber Flooring?

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