It’s inevitable that the flooring in the high-traffic areas of your home and business will start looking worn, unsightly, old and used over time.

Entry lobbies and hallways see hundreds of feet every day, so they will quickly become scratched and discoloured. Or maybe the carpet is starting to fray or thin? Kitchen floors will wear in patches too, often beginning to bow near the sink. Maybe there’s even a cracked tile or two? With kids’ toys and pets’ paws to contend with, your living room floor is probably mottled and scratched as well.

But what if you could install a long-lasting floor type that deals with these challenges and still looks flawless? These areas need more durable, scratch-resistant flooring materials, while some may even require waterproof materials.

The Flooring Depot knows that keeping your home or business looking immaculate is important. That’s why we’ve put together this guide about the best flooring materials to choose for high-traffic areas.


The best type of laminate for high-traffic areas

Laminate is perhaps the best option for high-traffic areas. Not only is it an affordable alternative to timber, but it’s durable and comfortable underfoot. This material is ideal for both work and play spaces because its softer properties are easy on the joints and can keep your little ones safe from hard falls.

New technology means that laminate flooring can look identical to wood or natural stone at a fraction of the price. Its many styles and colours mean that you won’t have to compromise on the aesthetic of your property and can find a laminate floor that fits every room.


The best type of vinyl plank for high-traffic areas

Unlike laminate, which has the potential to buckle when exposed to water, vinyl plank is the recommended choice for kitchens. Its waterproof and water-resistant design means that it is easy to clean and won’t be susceptible to warping.

It’s also a great choice for cooler climates or properties looking to save on utility bills because its design means it retains heat naturally and is even compatible with underfloor heating. This versatile and durable material is affordable, comfortable underfoot, and simple to install.


The best type of carpet for high-traffic areas

You may be tempted to sacrifice the warm, soft qualities of carpet for a high-traffic area but Berber carpeting could be the solution. Nowadays, there are many more design and colour options available to keep your hallways and lobbies aesthetically appealing.

Berber carpeting is softer than the other options in this guide and is a perfect decision for areas where children play, where you want to feel more comfortable, or if anyone in your property suffers from sensitive or inflamed joints.


The best type of timber for high-traffic areas

While you may worry that wood might scratch easily in these areas, hardwoods are much more damage-resistant than other, softer types. Wood with a Janka Hardness rating of over 1,300 should be more than hard enough for your high-traffic areas.

This includes Brazilian walnut, mahogany, cherry, and hickory.

To find out more about flooring for high-traffic areas, get in touch with The Flooring Depot today.

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