Harmonising the colour of your walls with your carpet might seem straightforward. But for the rookie interior decorator, there are a few design and decorating tips and tricks you need to know in order to create the perfect aesthetic in your bedroom or living space. Wondering how to match your walls to your grey carpet? Check out five handy colour palette ideas guaranteed to result in the ideal match for your home.


White is probably the most obvious and easy choice. It blends with just about any colour scheme and especially with grey tones. White walls and grey carpet can create just enough contrast to give your room the style and elegance you’ve been dreaming of. To create even more colour harmony, pair light or darker grey carpet with stark white walls, and then carry the grey theme throughout your furnishings.


Grey-on-grey, really? Yes! This option works best if you’ve got lighter grey carpeting. Painting your walls a darker shade of grey will instil your space with a truly classy vibe and balance. While grey walls and carpet might seem like a risky move, toning in your other furnishings – or even adding pops of contrasting colour in a cushion, bedspread or throw – can create amazing results.


Beige, or even cream, is another great option. Toning beige walls with a light grey carpet can really lighten up your space, especially when paired with vibrantly-coloured furnishings, accessories and décor. The warmth of beige matched with a cool light-grey carpet will create the perfect cohesion and transform your space into an inviting haven you’ll never want to leave.

Light Blue

Want to refresh your walls and your space? Blue may be your best bet. If you have a light grey carpet, consider painting your walls sky blue. As sky blue is quite a similar colour to grey, you’ll be sure it will blend in well and will give your room the freshness and rejuvenation it’s been longing for.


It may sound surprising, but yes, green and grey are a match! Whether you choose teal, mint, sage or go bold with bright green, you can add a real uplift to your entire space. And if you have a grey carpet, green is especially suited as, like grey, it carries a hint of blue. Pairing your grey flooring with green walls will infuse your space with positive vibes. If you’ve got a dark grey carpet, why not consider a teal option for your walls, matched with white accents or natural wooden furniture? Sounding good? We think so!

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