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The Flooring Depot stocks a range of quality vinyl plank products from Australia’s leading suppliers of vinyl flooring.

Vinyl planks are the ideal flooring solution and are suitable for use in your home, office, shop, kindergarten or just about any indoor floors.

Planks come in a range of natural looking timber colours, contemporary styles and surface textures, from rustic to polished look

vinyl flooring gold coast

Why should I consider vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is incredibly affordable

With all the work you may want to do in your home, vinyl flooring is a great way to keep your costs down as it’s a lot more affordable than stone, wood, and ceramic choices. Since vinyl flooring is beautifully crafted, no one can tell the difference today.

Installation is easy

Whether you like to DIY or are new at home renovation projects, vinyl flooring is fairly easy to install if you opt for planks that click together.

Many design options to choose from

Although wood flooring is stunning, you may begin to feel like there aren’t many options for you to choose from. With vinyl flooring, however, there are white, brown, black, and many more colours available.


Whether you have pets, children, or are just prone to accidents around the home, you don’t need to worry about stains with vinyl flooring. As long as you clean them up quickly, you will just need to wipe the stains away.


Vinyl flooring won’t be cold for you to walk on – an added bonus for wintertime. And, should your little ones fall, the softness helps ensure they don’t hurt themselves as much.

Dark Timber Style Vinyl Flooring inside a Gold Coast Bedroom
Modern and Stylish Vinyl Plank flooring Inside a Gold Coast Dining room
New Vinyl Flooring installed in a home on the Gold Coast

Where can vinyl flooring be installed in a home?

Since vinyl flooring is incredibly durable, sound-absorbing, and stain-resistant, it’s an excellent choice for any room in your house, even your living rooms and bedrooms where there is the most exposure to natural sunlight.

Styles and textures of vinyl flooring

Whether you’re looking for natural-toned timber colours, light blues, creams, or greys, there are plenty of colours to choose from. We recommend using lighter colours to create an illusion of an open, welcoming space.

From contemporary styles such as marble flooring or patterned vinyl to more vintage, Victorian styles and textures, you can transform your home into the perfect safe haven for you and your family. Our flooring team is always available to install the best vinyl flooring for your home. Contact us to start your flooring project today.
Beautiful Vinyl Floors

Just some of the many benefits of Vinyl Planks include:

Vinyl planks are extremely durable

They offer a waterproof flooring solution with sound-reducing properties

Vinyl planks are a soft surface under foot

Vinyl planks have an anti-slip backing

No power tools required for installation – just a sharp Stanley knife

A single plank can be replaced if any damage occurs

Vinyl planks are the ultimate, quick and easy D.I.Y. flooring

Our friendly team is happy to advice on the right Vinyl Plank options for your individual requirements, your décor and your budget.

Call in, see our range and have a chat with us about achieving the “Wow factor” with Vinyl Planks from The Flooring Depot today.

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Vinyl Flooring FAQs

Where can vinyl flooring be installed?

  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Sunrooms
  • Enclosed porch
  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Cafes/restaurants
  • Commercial offices

If you’ve got a specific space in mind that is not listed here, feel free to ask our advice at The Flooring Depot.

Does vinyl flooring look cheap?

Before purchasing, one of the main questions we have about vinyl floors is whether they look cheap due to their costs? You’ll be pleased to know that many types of vinyl flooring look very similar to stone, marble, or hardwood flooring. For this reason, vinyl flooring does not look cheap. Contact us today to learn more about our range

Should I use a professional installer?

If you’d like to save on flooring installation time, then you should consider hiring professionals for the job. However, if you’d like to save on costs, then you can opt to install vinyl flooring yourself.

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