You probably rarely think about your carpet. After all, you may have a carpet you love – or can at least live with – and it isn’t essential to replace it. However, there are some situations when it does become necessary to replace your carpet.

Here, we will look at some of the main reasons you may wish to replace your carpet, as well as who you can turn to when the time comes for that big makeover.


Carpets are designed to last between five and fifteen years. In the modern era, most people replace their carpets far more often than this. However, if your carpet is getting up there in years, you may want to consider having it replaced. Old carpets can be havens for dust and mites, and can also bring down the appearance and hygiene of your home.


Some carpet stains can be removed with a good deep clean but, especially when it comes to paler coloured carpets, this can be very challenging. Certain stains, such as those caused by juice, grass, wine, tea, and coffee can be next to impossible to remove fully. Meanwhile, protein-based stains – such as those caused by urine or feces – can leave lingering evidence. Stained carpets not only look less than desirable, they can also give your home the feeling of being dirty even when you have just cleaned.

While it is always worthwhile to try and remove most stains, replacing excessively old, stained carpet is often the best way forward.


Rips, tears or threadbare carpet might be something you are tempted to cover up with an artfully arranged item of furniture. But you are worth so much more! To keep your home looking its best always, replace carpets when they become damaged. This makes them easier to clean, and can also alleviate the likelihood of a tripping hazard occurring.

Bad smells

Are you struggling to find the source of a mystery smell? It could be your carpet. Over time, no matter how diligently you clean it, your carpet will absorb the scents of spilled drinks or food, pets, and just daily life. If you have tried to clean your carpet and the unpleasant odours are lingering, it may be time to replace your carpet and enjoy some serious freshness.

Moving house

Are you moving into a new house? Check out the quality of the carpet ahead of time. If the padding seems worn out and the carpet looks threadbare, now could be the perfect time to replace it before your moving in date rolls around. If you can get a new carpet fitted before your furniture arrives, all the better. So you can put your best foot forward in your new home with a brand new carpet.

Does any of this sound familiar? As you can see, carpet should be able to last for quite a few years, but the best time to replace it is when you feel like it is time for a change.

If you think it might be time for you to replace your old carpet, then get in touch with The Flooring Depot to find out how we can help you. We even offer installation for that perfect fit every time.

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